Support me

Support me

You can support me in multiple ways. The first is something all of you are already doing. Reading my work. I really can’t tell you how much it means to me to have other people read what I write and tell me what they think about it. It is truly an amazing feeling.

You can also share my work with others. Friends, family, people you know. Anybody that you think might like what I made. The main driving force behind this blog is that I want to share what I make with the world and the people that might like it. So share away!

Finally, you can decide to support me with money. You can do this through my Patreon page which you can find over here. At the moment there are only two benefits for doing so.

Your name will be included in a list of people that I will thank, on this page, and on any work that I might publish.

Some of the stories and other stuff that I will write or make will be posted earlier on my Patreon page, so you have earlier access to it. Some of the world-building and mapping work that I will do, will only appear to Patreon supporters. However, these things will not have to be read to read my stories. They are additional lore and fluff.

Thank you, all of you

The Grand List of Glorious and Incandescent Patreon Supporters

Grant Madson

Marlin Perez


The Grand List of Glorious People that edited my Gdocs

(If I have missed you let me know!)

Bob Jones (This man is a hero)

The Legend

Otni Ledelay

Michiel Castro

Dylan Moore

David Louis

Sean Penix

David Rutgers

David Visscher

Grant Madson


Nicholas Oxsen

Alexander Lindstrom

Nikunj Chawla

Howard Tomlinson

Jarret Horseman

Morgan Solskenn

James Butler