About me

Isbrand is my pen name, the one I use to share my work online and with the whole world.

I don’t really know what people would want to know about me, or how much of that I would be willing to share. But here is a short, basic summary of myself.

I am a 90’s kid that has always been fascinated and enamoured with anything fantasy, sci-fi, history or anything remotely close to those things. I like being out in nature, I like having animals around me. Aside from my writing, you will also find some of my drawing and world-building on here, which are two other hobbies that I love to busy myself with.

About my stories

The stories that I write and post on here will come in two variations. You can see what type they are by their title. If the title has the word ‘Part’ in it, it means that this story has been written as I go. This means it is a very rough, first draft and that it will contain errors and is open to having its plot and arc changed as well.

If the title contains the word ‘chapter’ it means that the story is a revised and edited version of a previous part (not necessarily posted on here). It means the story is in a more mature and polished state.

About contacting me

If you wish to contact me you can do so by using this email address: hello@isbrandsden.com

About the legal stuff

The cookies stuff is the usual cookies stuff. European GDPR law and such. I am not really collecting any data, as far as I know, perhaps WordPress itself is. If I ever add a mailing list, I will add that stuff in here as well.

The images that I use are either images I made/ took myself or images that I got from Unsplash. Unsplash is a website that offers free to use, commercially as well, stock images of any kind. When possible I will link back to the actual creator of the images in meta or subtext.

All the things I make and post on here (Stories, maps, world-building lore, …) is my own and will always remain my own. You can share this with others but you need to credit me for my work and link back to here (or the subreddit). In fact, if you do share my stuff, I would love it if you shared it by directly linking to the blog/ Reddit post you are sharing from. You can not use my work for any means but are free to ask me about it. I hold the right to refuse though.