Secret cult church dungeon map and a bit of lore3 min read

Secret cult church dungeon map and a bit of lore3 min read

I made a small and simple dungeon map for a secret church of a local cult. The cult is a smaller cell of a group of cults that all worship Ur, one of the evil Gods in my world, Dwalen. Before we get to the lore, here are the good bits.

As said, small and simple. This is level 1, level 0 being the small town underneath which it is build. There is only one entrance/ exit and this leads to a small house in the village belonging to a cultist family. The village is rather small and more than half of its inhabitants can count themselves as a member of this cult. With the village being on the fringes of the Periphery there is not much control from outside, making this a perfect spot to erect a church in name of their vile God.

The entrance leads to a fork, one being blocked off by a recent cave in, the other leading to a small, open room. This is where people would gather before and after mass. A (very) secret room can be reached from this open space by clicking three different bricks in the correct order. This is entirely arbitrary and without any hints around. In this secret room most of the cult’s treasury is kept. Artefacts, coin, deeds and so on.

From the open room leaves a main hallway leading up all the way to the church itself. It has two other forks. One leading to a small room intended as a sort of barracks where cultists can stay when they need to lay low or are passing through. This used to be connected directly to the entrance corridor.

The other fork leads to a work in progress. A small room filled with mining supplies and food and drink. Behind it is a corridor splitting in two ends, that are currently still being mined out. One to make another barracks room, another to make a sort of office.

The church itself is a large open room, supported with pillars and filled only with an altar, an old, mouldy carpet and pews. This is where the head cultist holds sermon and mass. And where they sacrifice an animal each solstice. The pews are old, made by an earlier generation, and as with everything inside of the church, in dire need of repairs or an upgrade.

A bit more about Ur. Ur is considered an evil God but of course those who worship him see it a bit different. One could say they are being lied to by their own God.

Ur was one of the first Gods and he started the war (the first and only one) among them. This war eventually stretched out to the world as a sort of proxy war, with the various followings of each God entering a battle royale. This brought forth a dark era of strife and violence. Eventually this all would end with the great Cataclysm, which severed the connection of the Gods with the world, and brought forth the decade of wild growth, creating the Wyld that all encompasses the world now.

Ur, through devious means, has found a way to contact the world again, and has begin to preach to some men. Creating the various cults dotting the land. Moving his cultists like pawns on a board, rigging the world to make it ready for his return, his descend to the mortal realm. Something that must be stopped.

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